Beautiful Kingdom delivers a captivating performance of raw talent and dazzling variety in a show not to be missed. The three have been dubbed ones to watch! All three sing, dance, and play several instruments, showcased in a way that's highly enjoyable from start to finish. Packing more entertainment-punch into one performance than any typical concert goer would ever expect, its no surprise the band is fast becoming one of the most promising new music acts in the upper Midwest.

  Matthew, Nadia, and Tyler were slowly drawn together under challenging circumstances. Watching them electrify the stage, it almost seems as if it was all meant to be. Their serendipitous formation has been, in their own words "Amazing music and progress for all of us. Topped only by an unbreakable friendship." -It shows, That friendship seems to be the maker of their most captivating element enjoyed by fans: their chemistry. "All great bands have it. And those who do should be grateful. That chemistry is the single greatest asset any band could ever hope to have." 

In Beautiful Kingdom's case however, their greatest asset might just be…who they are.

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