Purpose-driven tenacity and relentless self-realization have catapulted this outfit from humble beginnings in rural Minnesota - to becoming one of the most promising musical acts in the upper midwestMatthew, Nadia, and Tyler are no strangers to the stage, as each member had been doing music for over a decade before their formation. While most elements associated with a modern rock show can be found at a Beautiful Kingdom performance, this group manages to pack more entertainment-punch into one show than any typical concert goer would ever expect, making for one electrifyingly good time. 


   Though the three have different strengths, all are multi-talented, each more than capable of holding their own as a frontman (or lady). With all three able sing, write, and play multiple instruments, it should come as no surprise... they can do it all, and they do.

  Blurring the lines between rock, pop, folk, and funk, their dazzling repertoire often sees the three swapping instruments between songs and taking turns singing lead. Switch-ups that give the group the ability to almost transform... into about five almost entirely different bands. This shape-shifting happens a number of times throughout their show and is done in a way made seamless and uncompromising. Admittedly... every incarnation they assume is equally impressive. Showcasing not only their wide range of talent but also serving up an impressively broad variety of music. 


  Hilarious moments are also plentiful (tough they don't prefer to be labeled comedy), they are a spontaneous bunch. The groups considers it a sin to put on a canned show. As such, the sense that anything can happen is always lingering. Their off-the-cuff and (sometimes off-the-wall) banter is brilliantly interjected as they play off each another and the audience, overflowing into crowds often roaring with laughter.


  Watching them at work (or play - as they call it), and hearing the story of challenging circumstances that brought them together, it almost seems as if it was all meant to be. While the band remains committed to pushing boundaries, it would seem their generosity and dedication to the music are what capture the people and keep them coming back.

Their greatest asset, however, might just be: who they are.

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