Beautiful Kingdom delivers a captivating performance of raw talent and dazzling variety in a must-see spectacular. Fast becoming one of the most promising new music acts in the upper Midwest, the three manage to pack more entertainment-punch into one show than any typical concert goer would ever expect.

  Matthew, Nadia, and Tyler sprouted from humble beginnings as three separate singer-songwriters, each doing music alone for nearly a decade before hearing about each other. Uniting through challenging, yet serendipitous circumstances, they founded BK on the credo that "People working together can do far greater things versus alone." Their joining of forces has been, in their own words “The breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for. Total destiny...topped only by an unbreakable friendship.” ...It shows. Their bond seems integral to the chemistry fans seem to enjoy most. Watching them electrify a crowd, it almost seems as if all of it was meant to be. "All great bands have chemistry, it is the single greatest asset any band could ever wish for.”  For these three however, their greatest asset might just be... who they are.